Bun Cha – Hanoian’s spirit cuisine

(All Vietnam) – To Vietnamese, Bun Cha has became an essential part of their eating habit, a great choice for lunch or any extra meals during the days. For a long time, Bun Cha has become a favorite of many Vietnamese generations. If you ask most Hanoian what dish they like best for lunch, the answer would be Bun Cha.

Almost everyone in my office eats Bun Cha for lunch. They think that Bun Cha is very delicious and nutritious. Bun Cha is described very detailed in many tour guide books. A dish includes grilled pork, fresh rice vermicelli and some aromatic herbs. The dish is simple but boasts a very special flavor that never gets boring to eat.

To make a Bun Cha, pork belly and meatballs are immersed in a bowl of sauce harmoniously. The meat to make Cha must contain both lean and fat because the meat does not turn dry or fat after grilled.

After that, we add some carrot and green papaya sliced in flower shaped into sauce. The sauce includes water, sugar, vinegar, ground garlic, hot chili and black pepper. Dipping aromatic herbs into sauce brings different flavors to us. Making sauce is a secret recipe to attract customers.

The rice vermicelli should be soft and white. Together, vermicelli, grilled pork and sauce make an unforgettable first bite.

Bun Cha from Hanoi was recently voted by CNN Travel as one of the world’s 25 most delicious foods for summer. But in winter, Bun Cha is best served hot. The dish will certainly warm you up.

You can enjoy Bun Cha in many famous stalls in Hanoi on the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Tran Huy Lieu street (near Hanoi hotel) or De La Thanh street (next to Vietnam television station).

Among countless delicious dishes, Bun Cha still gets an important position in Vietnamese cuisine and eating habits.

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