Foreign Trade University’s hotgirl appears in Vietnamese traditional dress

(All Vietnam) – Hotgirl Ngan Bung, whose real name Truong Kim Ngan, has become well-known recently with some photo collections: Beautiful examiner of Foreign Trade University, Shiny girl in graduation photobook, The most beautiful Snow Queen,… This time, she appears fascinatingly in Vietnamese traditional style, with a paper fan, a Chinese zither and a very long flap traditional dress. 

These following photos are took by photograper Nguyen Nang Duy, who owns a wedding studio named Felice Studio in Hanoi. He and Kim Ngan share that they took this photo collection to remind people of Vietnamese woman in the ancient time and honour the beauty of traditional value as well.

Truong Kim Ngan was born in 1993 in Hanoi

Truong Kim Ngan was born in 1993 in Hanoi.


She is known as a photo model in some magazines, advertising clips and music videos. Besides, she often takes photos for many clothing shops and fashion brands.


Kim Ngan is a very friendly hotgirl, she often takes part in a lot of charity events and student activities,…


Foreign Trade University’s hotgirl said that all the traditional clothes such as ao dai, ao yem, tu than,… always make Vietnamese women more beautiful, more girly and this should be respected and honoured. As that thoughts, she really likes wearing traditional dresses.


Hot girl Truong Kim Ngan is a senior of French Commercial Faculty , Foreign Trade University.


This girl not only has beautiful appearance and impressed study achievements, but also participate enthusiastically in some activities, events about advertising and fashion model.



The model of woman that Kim Ngan wants to become is dynamic and smart enough to suit the modern life but still retains the traditional style. That’s why in freetime, she likes staying at home to help her mother to do housework.




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