Four famous girls in the fashion world

(All Vietnam)- Achieving fame in fashion world is not easy, especially with the Asian, but these girls have done.

NiNi Nguyen: Stylist for famous people

In the fashion parties, NiNi Nguyen usually appears with Rihanna singer. NiNi Nguyen has Eastern Asian beauty, dresses up Vietnamese clothes “ao dai” which is immediately noticed by everyone. She is called “wizard” who brings the personal style to Rihanna.

NiNi Nguyen was born in Vietnam. She moved to America when she was 14. Initially, because of limited English knowledge, she became a labourer at Banana Republic fashion store. One day, she advised by chance for the customers and persuaded them to buy a large number of clothes. Immediately, she was promoted as a seller and became an employee who had the highest profit in area.

NiNi Nguyen (Photo:

NiNi Nguyen

She is not only a stylist but also a designer prominent street clothes. Now, she has her own website which has millions of views. With her impressive style, she is also voted for the most well-wear woman on 3/2013 by famous Vatiny Fair magazine.

NiNi Nguyen. (photo:

NiNi Nguyen.

Wendy Nguyen: Street Style star


Wendy Nguyen. (photo:

Nowadays, Wendy Nguyen is one of the people who have their own fashion channels which has the most subscribes. In some years, her YouTube account and introduction videos for mix clothes, fashion secrets attracted more than 500.000 people subscribing and 50 million views.

Wendy Nguyen (photo:

Wendy Nguyen

Few people know that she is a Vietnamese orphan. She used to live in American feeding young children center until she was18 years old. One day, Wendy came up with the idea of using YouTube to show her fashion enthusiasm. That was the beginning of her fame.


 Michelle Phan: YouTube adorning specialist

8/2014, Michelle Phan show her adorning cosmetics called “Em”. Starting her career with the videos introducing how to make more beauty, nowadays she is considered as the adorning specialist being loved most on YouTube.

Michelle Phan. Photo:

Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan was known for her videos teaching how to make more beauty easily and simply. With hundreds of views on her own YouTube, she became one of the adorning phenomena in the world. In 2010, she became one of the adorning specialists for Lancome cosmetic. Also in this year, she is a new star who was voted by Women’s Wear Daily magazine. She is also a famous people under 30 years old of Marie Claire magazine, America.

Barbara Bui: Eastern Asia stylist

Barbara Bùi. photo:

Barbara Bùi.

Barbara Bui is the first Vietnamese stylist showing the annual collection in Paris Fashion Week. She’s also a member of top French fashion association. Despite living in Paris, her designs are about 12 animal designations or Vietnamese “ao dai”. Up to now, her stores opened in Paris, New York, Tokyo… Her customers are also famous people such as Cung Loi, Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez, Jessica Biel… After 30 years show off, her fashion trade name covered all aspects of fashion such as clothes, shoes, bags,…

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