Pho – Vietnamese traditional food

(All Vietnam) – Viet Nam was famous for an elegant and unique culinary art throughout the country. Viet Nam dishes not only interest local people, but also those being away from home and international visitors, and Pho is among of the most well-known traditional food.

For very long time, Pho has been considered a special dish in Viet Nam. Pho is delicious, nutritious and available everywhere, especially in Ha Noi or Nam Dinh. Vietnamese eat pho all year around. No matter it is in hot summer days, breeze autumn or cold winter, we can enjoy Pho for all meals.

There are many kinds of Pho: Pho bo chin (rice noodles soup with well – done beef), Pho tai (rice noodles soup with underdone beef) or Pho xao (rice noodles without the addition of the broth). Each kind has distinctive flavor and served with particular foods. Having a hot bowl of Pho, customers can taste the sweet beef, the soft rice noodles and the spicy of chilies which come together and create wonderful flavor.

Pho with well-done beef

Pho with well – done beef

Cooking Pho, we need to prepare some ingredients with skillful preparation process to make a very special flavor. Fresh rice noodles and beef are the main ingredients. They are simple, common and easy to find, but making Pho requires great meticulousness in every steps.

We can easily see many places that served great Pho can be found crowded with customers. It becomes the gracious image on Vietnamese streets or markets.

Pho Vietnam

Chiken Pho

Pho Vietnam

Pho Vietnam

Reputation of Pho has spread beyond the country to all over the world. Vietnamese Pho is voted in Top 12 World’s Best Food according to the Huffington Post and Vietnam’s 10 greatest street food cities by CNN. It makes Pho to become one of the best food that foreign tourists cannot miss in any trip to Vietnam.

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