Responsible travel helps Nigerian man find his true meaning of life

(All Vietnam) – Responsible travel is becoming more and more popular in Western countries. Many people have found their true objectives of their lives through this kind of travel. Especially, young people actively participate in volunteer activities and are more fascinated with the new project – responsible travel.

Coming from Nigeria, Aliyu Henry Garba is currently an overseas student studying at a university in Vietnam. Beside learning, Aliyu says he has particularly been interested in volunteer programs since he lived in Nigeria. Coming to Vietnam and seeing difficult lives of locals here, he would very much like to contribute to education development of Vietnam by enthusiastically join with Volunteer for Education Organization (VEO) in responsible travels.

“Seeing children with the bare feet and serious lack of warm clothes in the bitterly cold weather, I feel deeply sorry for these kids. The lives of ethnic minority people are still difficult and poor. Therefore, I desire to take part in this project to contribute to locals’ living standard improvement.”, Aliyu said.

Aliyu joins the charity works

Aliyu joins the charity works

To speak about responsible travel, it is a “perfect” combination between travelling and volunteering – a project to support the local community development in countries. A high percentage of people who have undertook volunteer works in their holidays expresses a great interest and expectation to take part in responsible travels in the long term. Moreover, their lives have become more meaningful. Being an international volunteer with the first time to Vietnam, Aliyu is also in trouble with language barrier and culture differences. However, after participating in teaching English to highland children, he has eased these pressures and even happily chatted with Vietnamese volunteers.

Aliyu's in a class of highland children

Aliyu’s in a class of highland children

In the responsible travel to Coi village, Aliyu said: “The trip is so fascinating. Responsible travel plays an important role in community development. Volunteer activities should help achieve objectives, such as hunger elimination – poverty reduction, health improvement, environment protection, nature preservation, school building, facility recovery after natural disasters; living skills training and knowledge providing for children, etc. I have more friends when taking part in volunteer work with Vietnamese volunteers. Additionally, I have chances to explore the most beautiful places in Vietnam.”

Responsible travel is the way you explore more about different cultures in the world and also support community development or simply makes your journey be more meaningful and memorable as Aliyu with the high enthusiasm has been experiencing in our lovely S-shaped land.

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