[Weather News] April 10, 2015 – Cold air enhances

(All Vietnam) – Early this morning (April 10th), the cold air has affected several areas in the north northern mountainous regions causing rain and scattered showers with thunderstorms at the Northern provinces and Thanh Hoa. In the Gulf of Tonkin there are strong northeastern wind level 5.

Today, cold air will affect other parts of the North Eastern provinces, then affect some parts of the western provinces of North and North Central. By tomorrow afternoon (April 11th), the cold air will be strengthen again.

Due to the influence of cold air combined with strengthen disturbance of high western winds, in the northern provinces, from April 10th to 11th, there will be showers and widespread thunderstorms. The mountainous regions will have  moderate to heavy rain and the possibility of whirlwind, hail, strong gales of winds.

In the Gulf of Tonkin and North the South China Sea (including the Paracel Islands waters) from tomorrow afternoon (April 11th) there will be strong northeast winds up to level 6, possibility of level 7, level 8-9 gale. In the Ocean there will be powerful waves with the height from 2-4 meters.

The northern provinces will continue to be cold.

Northwestern provinces

Cloudy, rainy, many areas will have medium to heavy rain and scattered thunderstorms. Light breeze. Cold air. In the thunderstorm there is a chance of whirlwind, hail and strong gale.
Minimum Temperature : 16 – 190 C, below 15 oC in many regions
Maximum temperature : 21 – 24 oC

Northeastern provinces

Cloudy, rain, scattered showers and thundestorms. Northeast winds Level 2 – 3. Cold.

Minimum Temperature: 15 to 18o C, below 14 degrees for the mountainous regions

Maximum Temperature: 19 to 220 C.

Thanh Hoa to Thua Thien Hue

Cloudy, scattered rain in the north, in the south rainy in many regions, North to Northwestern winds increasing at lvl 2-3

Minimum Temperature: 18 – 21 oC

Maximum Temperature: 23 – 26oC, 27 – 30 oC in the South

Da Nang to Binh Thuan

Changes of clouds, sunny at day, heavy rain at night in many areas, Northeastern winds increasing at lvl 2-3

Minimum Temperature: 22 – 25 oC

Maximum Temperature: 30 – 33 oC


Changes of clouds, sunny at day, heavy rain and scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon and night, eastern winds increasing at lvl 2-3.

Minimum Temperature: 18 – 21 oC

Maximum Temperature: 31 – 34 oC

Southern Provinces

Changes of clouds, sunny at day, especially hot in the East, heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon in many areas, clear at night, eastern winds increasing at lvl 2-3.

Minimum Temperature: 23 – 26 oC

Maximum Temperature: 32 – 35 oC, 35 – 37 oC in the East


Cold, cloudy, moderate to heavy rain, Northeastern winds increasing at lvl 2-3.

Minimum Temperature: 15 – 18 oC

Maximum Temperature: 19 – 22 oC

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